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  • Pre-order of Progress including immediate download of 3 tracks in the high-quality format of your choice (MP3, FLAC, and more), plus unlimited mobile access using the free Bandcamp listening app. You'll also get the complete album the moment it’s released.
    releases 31 May 2014

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Pt. II
Take It Back


** Pre-order comes with a free ticket to the Album Release Show - May 31st @ Sessions Hall**

Our first full length album. Progress has several themes, most of which are about moving forward and becoming the person you want to be. A few songs, like Sheltered and Thank You have more specific roots.

We hope that you enjoy these songs. We didn't write them for ourselves, we wrote them for you. We sincerely hope and pray that something in this record will absolutely crush barriers in your life and bring peace.



releases 31 May 2014
Chasing Lions is:
Chance Sampson - Guitar, Vocals
Luis Hernandez - Drums, Percussion
Zach Castillo - Guitar, Vocals
Will McCurdy - Bass

The album has these dudes on it:
Moses Campos of Thirtyseven - Vocals in Moving Forward
Miles McMillan Jr. of Wendy Clear - Vocals in Take It Back
Andrew Jones of EchosInOblivion - Vocals in Burn and Sheltered
Forrest Culotta - Backing vocals in like half of the songs, Vocal Production
Corey Calvert - Epic Toms in Progress
Miller Harveaux of Medic - Noise Guitar in Progress and Family
Aaron Wagner of Medic - Producer of Family



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Chasing Lions Round Rock, Texas

Chasing Lions is a Pop/Punk/Alternative band out of Austin TX. Our music is full of transparency, honesty, and energy. Our lyrics are based on life in general and things that we all go through. We'll tell you upfront that our lyrics have a spiritual or faith based foundation; We hope that doesn't turn you away from the beginning, because that would be lame and you won't know what you're missing. ... more

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Track Name: Thank You
"Hey Michael, what's going on? I'm glad you came tonight to hear this song."
"Oh dude, it's great to see you too! I'm just glad that we can all get though... This week was long, I know. I hope that you enjoy the show that we're singing for you."

This song's for everyone who help us get through tough times and struggles when we didn't know what to do. We were second guessing ourselves when everything was shot to hell.

Thank you for everything you've done, and all the love that you've shown to us. You believe in everything that we do; it's all made possible because of you and all the positive sentiments, all the love, support, and encouragement you've sent our way. We will never forget the way that you treated us.

"Hey Mom and Dad, how ya doin? Thank you so much for not giving up on your four boys that just want to make their dreams come true. We know it's kind of crazy. We know it's kind of weird. We know that you would probably like for us to have careers, so thanks for sticking it out."

This song's for everyone that helped us get through tough times and struggles when we didn't know what to do like when we were stuck in Plano and everything was falling through.

Something so small and insignificant can make a huge difference in someone's life.
Track Name: Moving Forward
There's a marking on my heart that makes me tired of this spot. Never could I play the token, I need to be somewhere where I can focus. I don’t have a curse, but the cure and I don’t have a disease, but the potion. With that said, I've gotta keep my mind fresh because if I stop moving I know I'll freeze to death.

Get me out of here, I need to disappear and clear my mind from all the things that got me here. I want to get away and keep my distance great, gain some new perspective - change the way that I think.

If there is one thing that I need to change, I've got to step back form the same old things and the same old story. If there is one thing that I've got to change, I need to step back from the same old things that keep me revolving. Remove me from this cycle, break me out of this cage; I think I need something to free me from these chains. I'm sick of sitting still, and if I stay I will. I'm taking action to get somewhere new.

Do what you want to do! Do what you want to do! Do what your heart is telling you! Drop everything and listen for what you need. Everybody wants to live abundantly.
Track Name: Burn
t's not my goal for you to just believe, reciting a few lines means nothing to me; I want to see your life change for the better. I want to watch you grow and be free, find peace for yourself, and not feel comfortable put on a shelf. Drop your card in the box, I hope to God that helps, but my real concern is we leave it to nothing else.

My real concern is that we leave it at this.

I pray that you get everything you need, and nothing is withheld because of me. Take all your broken things and all your broken dreams and lay them down for new life and restoration.

Your aggression is not only understandable, I would say it's deserved, after all the hate speeches and condemnation that you have received from the church. Truly, I tell you, there's life inside this book. Truly, I tell you, there's a love that's waiting for you.

My real concern is that our ignorance is bliss.

Do you want to burn with passion?